Lash and Brow Bar

Enhance your eye area & enjoy our wide variety of beautifying services. From lash lifts to lash & brow tinting to home growing treatments, you’ll be sure to accent your natural beauty.

Tinting (Brows and Lashes) - $16-$25
This is an excellent service for those with fair coloured hair who want their natural features to stand out and a very popular service to do before weddings/vacations & to also simplify your morning routine.

Brow Lift/Lamination - $50
Enjoy a more voluminous look with your natural brows. Give the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows. An ideal service for people with unruly brows and those with more sparse brow hairs. *To complete the look, add customized brow tinting & shaping

Lash Lift - $60
Give your lashes extra length with a semi-permanent enhanced curl! Ideal for anyone who wants to accentuate their natural lash length, lasting up to two months.

Glamour Strip Lashes - $24
These sexy strips are carefully adhered onto the base of your lashes/eyelid & are completely reusable. You’ll be sure to achieve that ‘wow’ factor you’re looking for!

Lash Growing Home Treatment - $100
NUTRALUXELASH MD BEAUTYLASH is a lash & eyebrow hair growth system that improves length, flexibility, fullness & thickness in just 4 to 6 weeks. This incredible product is physician formulated, ophthalmologist tested, paraben/dyefree & contains natural antioxidants, plant extracts, essential vitamins, peptides & botanicals such as chamomile, ginseng, grape seed & vitamin C.

Aesthetic Make-Up

Allow our Esthetician or Make-up Artist to enhance your beautiful features & give you that perfect look for any occasion.

Mini (Eyes, Lips & Blush) - $24

Trial/Full Application - $60

Make-Up Artistry

Our professional Make-up Artist is able to capture your natural beauty while using industry trends and make-up techniques.

Special Occasion Event - $85+

Trial and Bridal Trial - $100 - $150

Airbrush Foundation - $32

On-Location Wedding Make-Up - $85+ (Travel fee may be applicable)

Hand and Feet

From Mud Treatments & paraffin masques to Shellac & Ecrinal nail services, our experienced aestheticians will make sure your hard working hands & feet get the extra attention they deserve!

‘Best-in-Town’ Manicure (Includes regular polish) - $32 (60 Min)
Receive some tender loving care with this customized service as you begin with a warm hand soak, followed by nail shaping, filing, buffing & cuticle cleaning. Skin is then refreshed with an exfoliating scrub & moisturizing hand & arm massage & choice of polish.

Ecrinal Manicure (Includes conditioning polish) -$40 (75 Min)
Give your hard working hands what they deserve & enjoy all the steps of our ‘Best-in- Town’ Manicure, using with our unique & all-natural product line containing horse mane extract (ANP). This incredibly healing ingredient helps to condition & smooth out damaged ridges, as well as whiten tips & promote thicker, stronger, healthier nails. Try our full line of home products to help stay in tip-top shape!

Spa Manicure - $42 (90 Min)
Treat yourself to our very best! Enjoy all the luxuries of our ‘Best-in-Town’ Manicure, while enjoying intense hydration with customized treatment products. Extra attention is given to the cuticles, along with a hydrating hand & arm massage, leaving skin feeling soft & supple. Finish with your choice of polish.

Shellac Manicure - $44
Achieve beautiful, long-lasting, glossy look for weeks. When it’s time to renew, this nail system requires a second visit for a professional, easy soak-off removal.
*Please notify upon booking if you currently have a gel/Shellac system on your hands so we may properly accommodate your time.

‘Best-in-Town’ Pedicure - $50 (60 Min)
Experience our award-winning customized service as you enjoy a warm foot soak & exfoliating scrub. Nails are then shaped, filed & buffed with attention to cuticle & callus removal. End with a moisturizing foot & lower leg massage & choice of polish.

Spa Pedicure - $62 (90 Min)
Your feet will thank you for this extra special treat! All of the steps involved in our ‘Best-in-Town’ Pedicure are included, as well as extra conditioning work & attention around cuticles & calluses. A luxurious exfoliating treatment & foot masque follow next. Relieve stresses further with a soothing foot & lower leg massage, concluding with your choice of polish.

Paraffin Masque - $18 (20 Min)
Highly recommended for those who suffer from joint or muscle pain & dry or callused skin. After prepping with cleansing & a thick layer of moisturizer, soothing paraffin is then coated & wrapped up while lotion & heat does its magic. The masque is then removed like a cast, ending with a soothing massage, leaving skin soft & joints relaxed.

Incredible $18 Add-on's

French or American Polish A classy look that is perfect for special events, with either white or two-toned ‘American’ tips for an extra fancy look – great for holidays!

Paraffin Masque An amazing add-on to any manicure or pedicure, as it helps to soothe sore joints, smooth skin & help heal any cracked, dry skin with warming deep hydration.

Moor Mud Masque Over 500 unique herbs & mineral-rich ingredients make this service one of our most popular add-ons, helping with the following conditions:

*Joint Pain
*Sore Muscles
*Promotes Cell Regeneration
*Collagen Production
*Boosting Circulation
*Sun Damage
*Hormone Balancing

Hair Removal

Experience our quickest & smoothest method of hair removal. Your privacy & comfort are assured. (Please inform us if you have either been sun tanning, or using medicated acne medicine such as Accutane or retinol.)

Full Waxing Services
Eyebrows - $17, Upper Lip - $14, Chin or Sides - $14,
Neck - $16, Chest - $30, Stomach - $22, Back - $40,
Underarms - $20, Half Arms - $25, Full Arms - $32,
Fingers - $10, Hands & Fingers - $14,
Half Legs - $32, Full Legs - $50,
Bikini Sides - $27, Extended Bikini - $34, Butt-kini - $42, Brazilian - $60
Toes - $12, Upper Foot & Toes - $17

Laser Hair Removal
Give yourself the gift of smooth, hair free skin & enjoy effective, permanent results as each folicle is treated at the root cause.
*Complimentary consultations ensure the best individualized packages.*

Children's Services and Packages

Give a special little lady in your life a gift of pampering with a luxurious spa treatment designed specially for her.

Light Mini Make-Up (Eyes, lips & blush) - $25

Intermezzo Facial ~ Express Botanical Treat ~ 12 & Under - $42 (30 Min)
Perfect for any young lady, this “beauty flash” makes skin feel soft & refreshed. Relax with cleansing & exfoliating with a moisturizing massage on the face & neck.

Little Lady’s Manicure *Ages 12 & Under - $20 (30 Min)
Give your little one some quality time at the spa as she enjoys a manicure to refresh her nails. Her treatment includes nail shaping & filing with gentle cuticle clean-up, ending with a moisturizing hand & arm massage & choice of polish.

Little Lady’s Pedicure *Ages 12 & Under - $30 (30 Min)
Her toes will look amazing after this super fun service. Her treatment includes a warm foot soak, followed by nail shaping, buffing & gentle cuticle cleaning. The next is everyone’s favorite with a light exfoliation, moisturizing foot & lower leg massage & choice of polish.

Mother/Daughter Packages

Spend some much deserved mother daughter time together while enjoying being completely pampered.

Mother Daughter Day at ‘The SPA’ - $302 (3 Hrs)
A package designed for Mom & her special little lady. Enjoy quality time with one another while both receiving manicures & pedicures. End your time together while you both enjoy relaxing Yonka Facials.; Plasir D’Aromes for Mom & Escale Beaute for Daughter, creating wonderful memories.

Double Treat - $148 (2 Hrs)
Enjoy special time side-by-side while mother enjoys a ‘Best-in-Town’ Manicure & Pedicure & daughter is treated to a ‘Little Lady’s’ Manicure & Pedicure.

Teen Services and Packages

Teen Double Treat - $148 (2 Hrs) *Ages 12 to 18
Enjoy special time side-by-side while Mother enjoys a ‘Best-in-Town’ Manicure & Pedicure' & Daughter is treated to a ‘Teen Manicure & Pedicure'.

Teen Manicure *Ages 13 to 18 - $26 (45-60 Mins)
Give your young lady some serious pampering beginning with a warm hand soak, followed by nail shaping, filing, buffing & cuticle trimming. Her skin will feel super refreshed as she ends with an exfoliating scrub, moisturizing hand & arm massage & choice of polish.

Teen Pedicure *Ages 13 to 18 - $40 (45-60 Mins)
Treat those teenage feet to an award-winning customized service starting with a warm foot soak, followed by an exfoliating scrub with nail shaping, filing & buffing. Careful attention is given to cuticle cleaning & callus removal, ending with a moisturizing foot & lower leg massage & choice of polish.

Acne Facial - $104 (90 Min)
Balance & purify blemished skin. Protocols will be recommended to continue treatment at home.

Airbrushed Spray Tan - $30 (Face), $40 (Half Body), $50 (Full Body)
Show off golden skin with a natural looking tan in just minutes! Fast, safe & most effective way to achieve a naturally sun-kissed glow & can last up to seven days.

Lash and Brow Services
Accentuate your natural features with customized lash & brow services. Perfect before a special event or to simplify morning routines. Enjoy a fuller, thicker & more defined look with enhanced curl, colour & length.

*Tinting - $16 Brows, $25 Lashes
*Brow and Lash Lifts - $50 Brows, $60 Lashes
*Lash Home Growing Treatment - $100