Massage and Traditional Sauna Therapy

Treat yourself or a loved one to the de-stressing & soothing qualities of massage & Traditional Sauna. Reduce physical stress, mental fatigue & promote relaxation. Receipts are provided for registered therapies & privacy is always assured.

Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) - $67 (30 Min), $82 (45 Min), $102 (60 Min), $115 (75 Min), $150 (90 Min)
Effective in treating headaches, back pain & joint problems, or just for over-all relaxation & wellness.

Relaxation Therapy - $50 (30 Min), $68 (45 Min), $81 (60 Min)
Designed to help lower stress levels & feel more relaxed, this is the perfect service for individuals who want to lessen tensions & achieve a rejuvenated sense of self.

Hot Stone Therapy - $130 (60 Min)
The use of stones on the body at different temperatures brings about certain muscle relaxation reactions for healing purposes. Emphasizing these ancient traditional beliefs through the use of volcanic stones in a full body massage is both effective & incredibly relaxing.

Reflexology Hand or Foot Treatment - $50 (30 Min) $81 (60 Min)
Different pressure points on the feet are connected to specific organs & meridians in the body. Pushing & massaging out these areas helps to release blockages & toxins within the body, resulting in improved circulation, normalized bodily functions, relief of stress & much more.

Indian Head Massage - $100 (45 Min)
Different pressure points on the scalp are connected to various meridians within the body. Massaging these areas helps to melt stress away, lower tensions & create a feeling of total relaxation & rejuvenation.


Experience the healing, detoxifying and tension relieving therapy of traditional sauna therapy. Perfect before or after a massage to soothe & loosen muscles, helping to aid the body in complete relaxation & detoxification.

Traditional Sauna Session - $30-$40 (30 Min) Series Packages Available
A wonderful addition to any massage, body treatment or facial as it helps to loosen muscles, open pores and relax the nervous system while aiding in detoxification.


Reflexology Hand or Foot Treatment - $50, $68, $81 (30 Min, 45 Min, 60 Min)

Hot Stone Reflexology - $95 (60 Min)